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Jonathan's Petra fan site
A fan site by Jonathan Theron with a few real audio samples.
Has multiple discussion boards.
Petra Rocks The World!
Features multiple discussion boards, real-time chat, instant messaging, calendar, profiles, and more.
Yahoo Clubs - Petra fan club
Web links, photos, and discussions regarding the band.
Petra Rocks My World!
Features Petra song lyrics, news, MP3 clips, photos, tour dates, interviews, reviews, chatroom, and email newsletter.
A Guide to Petra by Michael Jones
News and other material about the band.
Weezer's Petra Page
Picture gallery, links, discography, tour dates, message board, chat room, a page where other fans can add their own content.
Contains Petra in-depth discography as well as news.
Inpop Records Petra Message Board
Discussions of Petra's music and ministry. - Petra page
Includes photos and Petra news.
Petra's official website
Word Records - Petra page
Site by Petra's previous record label with samples from "Double Take" album.
Amazon offers Still Means War! (Audio CD),19 November, 2002
Petra List price $5.98
A compilation that misses the good songs...? / 2
I read one of the reviews already posted suggesting that if you're looking at this album you would be better served to buy the originals. That reviewer is 100% correct. Beyond Belief, Unseen Power, and Wake-Up Call are my three favorite Petra albums and this CD looks to be poorly cobbled together from them. Don't get me wrong, there are still some great songs on here, but if you buy this CD you'll be missing out on the truly great songs those albums had. Don't settle for left-overs. Get the original albums.
Song "Oasis"
You give me water in a dry and thirsty land
You satisfy my hunger
Yo feed me from your hand
I was a wanderer in the wildnerness
Until I stumbled on your oasis

And I will stay here with you
Here in the shade, here in the cool
You keep me safe through the night in your oasis

You give your spirit
To a dry and thirsty heart
You satisfy my longing
I hear the voice of God

I was a wanderer in my emptiness
Until you brought me near your oasis

And I will stay here with you
Here in the shade, here in the cool
You keep me safe through the night in your oasis

And I will drink from your well
I find my peace here in your shelter
And I will stay here with you in your oasis

Review of Petra Barg (1996) (ResearchIndex)
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