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Calvary Chapel - Broomfield Colorado
Furay is senior pastor of this church. Bible studies, calendar, tape transcripts, youth page and personal interview.
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Amazon offers I've Got a Reason (Audio CD),21 January, 2003
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Finally! / 5
I have waited so many years for this album to be released. I listened to this album for years and never realized it was a Christian themed album. I just loved Richie Furay's music in all its incarnations. This music is as strong as any he released with Poco, Souther Hillman & Furay, or Buffalo Springfield, and I listen to all of them all the time. After SHF broke up, Richie Furay, Chris Hillman, and J.D. Souther all came out with solo albums. They were ALL quite strong albums and all worth having in one's library. Hillman and Souther's albums have been available for years, but not Furay. I can only imagine that his christianity pigeonholed him. Now my collection it complete, and, song for song this is the strongest of the three solo albums by the aforementioned legends. Thank you.
Song "What If"
When no one seems to hear you
And you're longing to be heard
What if there was someone
Who'd hang on to every word

Before you remind me
That this is the real world
Ask yourself, What if?

And what if there's a door way
Trough the walls of time and space
Where love could be allowed to show
Her long forgotten face

Before you remind me
That this is the real world
Ask yourself, What if?

What if there's a moment
When angry hearts forgive
A time for giving harmony
And peace a chance to live

Before you remind me
That this is the real world
Ask yourself, What if?

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