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The Artists of Rock 'n' Roll: Dion
Short biography.
Presenting Dion & the Belmonts
Biographical feature article looks at the singer's early life.
The official site of this 50s and 60s teen idol includes a photo gallery, gig and tour schedule, biography, discography with purchasing information, and an insight into his spiritual journey.
Dion box set showcases one of rock's greatest voices
Review of "King of the New York Streets."
Oldies but Goodies: Dion
Quick facts on the singer's career.
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: Dion
Information on the 1989 inductee.
Amazon offers Dion & Belmonts - Greatest Hits (Audio CD),08 May, 2001
T Belmonts List price $14.98
Absolutely fantastic / 5
Incredible quality of these original recordings by Dion & The
Belmonts. They are almost all there and there couldn't have
been a better choice on the 20 titles selected. If you liked
Dion already those days this CD is a "dream come true"
especially for two songs that were hard to get on other
compilations: Drip Drop and Donna The Prima Donna. Don't
hesitate, buy it!

Music Review: Celine Dion - Because You Loved Me
Celine Dion - Because You Loved Me Review by Monica A., Congers, NY. How would you like to be able to fly, touch the sky, and have no star out of reach? ...
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Review: Dion is a Healer and Wolfwalker on her first Journey. ... Review: Dion and her friends have escaped from the slavers, but now need to find their way ...
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