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A giant leap ahead / 4
With this CD, Allies leaped out of the middling pack and became one of the better Christian pop bands of their time. Again produced by Dino Elefante and Randy Thomas, this time they brought a stronger pack of tunes and it makes for a better 40 minutes. It also placed one track on Christian radio. (#6 hit "If You Believe")

There are no outright cringers on this one, although opener "Hardened Hearts" and "Harmony" are less compelling than much of the other material. Those who despise digital drums will dock this album points for that, but c'mon, this was recorded in 1986 and it was the "hip" thing then.

Vocalist Bob Carlisle seems in better command of his voice here and spends less time "showing off" his range and more just trying to communicate the lyric. Standouts here are the hunger relief ballad "Prayer for the Children", apocalyptic pop/rocker "Runnin' Out of Time", a song from Jesus' point of view to his disciples ("Somebody Told Me You Were Crying") written as though between His crucifixion and His resurrection 3 days later, "Jacque Remembers" (a new Christian looking back at where she's includes a neat reference to the Beatles 'Getting Better') and a song (autobiographical?) about a musician with a struggling marriage asking for another chance ("Let's Fall in Love (All Over Again)".

If you're not someone who gets too hungup on whether a certain keyboard sound, guitar tone, or production setup is "dated", then this should prove a welcome purchase for you. For an even better deal, search for ASIN B0001J3ZKM which is a "twofer" release of this album plus their self-titled debut.

3 1/2 stars

Song "Send Me"
Cafe cats are waiting

Loves anticipating

Coffee steaming on a rainy day

Couldn't stay at home

All those souls alone

Dropping by and looking for

Another taste

See you smiling from across the bar

Take a little wine - have a good time

Let's see

Are you waiting for the night

To start

Baby i'll come around if you're

Here for me

You're so lovely

So lovely

Let me know if you want me

Baby come on

Send me the night

Send me what's right

Send me your guiding light

Send me the love

Send me your groove

Send me your velvet mood

Send me smooth

Send me your love

Maybe love's in bloom

Like an old sly tune

We can spin the words

Around the moon

Mind and body met

Heaven starts to sweat

Ecstasy forgets about staying cool

Not just one more night out

On the town

Breaking down

All that's gone before

Feeling things i thought were

Long passe

Coming around again

Coming on today

Baby nothing ventured

Nothing learned

There's no way to fake it

Baby can we take it

Send me the night

Send me what's right

Send me your guiding light

Send me the love

Send me your groove

Send me your velvet mood

Send me smooth

Send me your love

Send me your kiss

Send me another wish

Send me this

Send me your love

Send me your smile

Send me just an ounce of style

Send me baby send

Send me your love

Maybe this is how we're

Meant to stay

I won't stop until you

I won't drop until you

Make me make me

Baby baby baby baby

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