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Amazon offers Rejoice (Audio CD),01 June, 1991
2nd Chapter Of Acts List price $14.99
Good voices, nice variety of songs. / 4
This is my very favorite 2nd Chapter of Acts CD. The songs range from worship ("Bread of Life", "I've Got a Break in my Heart", "He's My Source") to pop-rock ("Here I Go", "Rise Up and Take a Bow", "Don't Understand It"). But don't worry: none of it's TOO hard, especially by today's standards. If you like the music of Queen or Abba, you will probably like it as much as I do. Don't be fooled by the bouncy little "pop" intro of "Will You Remember Me": it has one of the VERY best electric guitar solos I've ever heard by ANYONE, Christian OR secular. One of my favorite songs, "Nobody Can Take My Life", has a nice driving beat, but needs a little something: maybe some electric guitar, tastefully done, of course. Ironically, my LEAST favorite song is the title song, "Rejoice"; too repetitive, I guess. Overall, the voices of these two sisters and brother are easy on the ears... nice harmony, nice variety of songs. Could use a little more electric guitar, but worthy to be on my Top 10 List.
Song "Bread of Life"
feat. Killah Priest & Neonek

Intro: Cappadonna
This is the bread of life man
The bread of life
Cus I'm gonna feed all of y'all
I'm gonna feed all of y'all with intelligent lifespans man
I'm gonna give y'all vocubulary veggies
Word up and make y'all understand that
Now is the time to come amongst this nation
And end all devilishment

2nd Intro: Cappadonna
You don't really want god in your life
You don't really want god in your life

Hook: Cappadonna
The bread of life
Drop jewels and take flight
In this royal army I'm gonna stand and fight

Verse 1: Neonek
Pour my wars out basins
My gates is filled with live grazes
Live and die for the king
Escaping hells faces
Forces with chariots armed
Dark horses
God will make God ????? and face loses
Seven months to bury the dead
The lord said
Make a feast for the birds and bees to eat flesh
Shouldn't turn the man you are
Consume you in your darkness
Bloodbaths sealed with fire the lords wrath
Man fainted
Now they see the glory God painted
Heavens army made a statement on your anti-Christ arrangement
Swinging the sword against God
And every mountain
Unleash a vile plague on all you heathens who be doubting
Lined up
Split you in half and grind up
I lined up split you in half and grind up
Enemies are the most high dined hired up
When your times up
The lord made his mind up
Everlasting torment for all you snakes who played foremen

Verse 2: Cappadonna
I got pains in my stomach
I just need to eat
I can't take it no more it's like life in the street
Got my hands shaking
Stressed out for cess
This rap is like coke
My mother can't rest
Times is hard
GATS in the projects
Niggas got jealous since my LP
Made life better
Now y'all hate me
Putting my life down for G-O-D
I rock this
Only love can top this
Laced in clean spirits
Now I'm spotless
Pulling out nots
Now I make hits
Throw jewels at you
Reap the benefits
Laid back love eat my tuna fish
Like that y'all
My God'll slap y'all
Devils in the place
Angels'll trap y'all

Hook: Cappadonna
The bread of life
Drop jewels and take flight
In this royal army I'm gonna stand and fight

Verse 3: Killah Priest
As the full moon follow my passage
Enter my tomb now strike the matches
Light up the room
Open my caskets
Theres my Mummy
Covered in maggotts
Say the words bring me back like Lazarus
Came to pass like the old lady who read my tarrots
My GAT spit
Still I shed the tears of a saint
My hearts passion
Painting pictures that's mad graphic
After my words are said
My paper burns up in ashes
All my thugs surround me like Christ at the last supper
Cold winds beat upon the window shutters
We break bread
8 Fed's came in and bust us
They rush us
They took me I screamed to my dog
The Sun Of Man must suffer
They kill me
Another one will rise from the gutter mother ers

Hook: Cappadonna
The bread of life(You don't really want God in your life)
Drop jewels and take flight
In this royal army I'm gonna stand and fight

Verse 4: Cappadonna
We always in the struggle
Making those Wu-Banga's
We hang like hangers
It's the essence of hip-hop
Live in the present
Write rhymes or Hasson'll never test this
Eighties fundamental
God is essential
Rents due plus the greatest lesson is don't owe
Pray with the flow and cruise through the avenue
Blacked down like some of the Jews do
Guns kill so do a missle
All praise due
May the father be with you
A child need milk
These needles are specially built to open your mind
Now is the time oh Lord place your hands upon us
It's the meat by selling bricks
To building cocaine weak
People don't speak where it's rats and 'roaches
Cats and dogs
Cops roll like Bozz Hogg
In the jungle
Where every black man is Tarzan
We are gathered here today
In the name of this rap
We coming in peace
So nobody have to get clapped

Hook: Cappadonna
The bread of life
Drop jewels and take flight
In this royal army I'm gonna stand and fight

Outro: Cappadonna
You don't really want God in your life
The bread of life
You don't really want God in your life 2nd Chapter Of Acts - Roar Of Love
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