ABC’s of Lighthearted Living…My Rx, by Margaret Mears, M.D.

January 4th, 2009   by Paula

To be honest, this book sat on my desk for a couple of weeks before I finally got around to reading it. I think the reason was quite superficial, nevertheless psychologically powerful – namely, the physical dimensions of the book (8.5″ x 11″) makes it feel like a text book! I know, I know, you can’t judge a book by it’s cover. Yet publishers hire professional artists to design book covers, so I guess the superficial is important after all.

Anyway, once I did start reading, I found the book to be quite enjoyable, thought provoking and genuinely helpful.

For each letter of the alphabet, Dr. Mears presents a gem of truth that can probably best be classified as a ‘life lesson’. Those paradigms that help us realize that we really do get to choose the kind of life we live. And if you don’t believe that statement, get the book, read it, and then make a judgment.

Definitely worth the read. Thanks Dr. Maggie 🙂

Evidence Of Intelligent Design In Human Physiology by Dr. Cal Hunter, DC, DRS

January 29th, 2008   by Paula

Dr. Cal Hunter is a Chiropractor turned Pastor (now retired), who during his years in college entertained serious doubts about many things in the Bible, and indeed struggled to hold on to his faith in the Scriptures.

So what turned things around for Dr. Hunter?

After eight years of clinical practice, with hands-on, intimate knowledge of human anatomy and physiology, Dr. Cal Hunter found himself convinced of one thing ‚Äî that there was no way for the human body to have come into being by pure happenstance (as espoused in Darwin’s theory of evolution). His conviction about this was so strong in fact, that he decided to give up his clinical practice and enter the Ministry.

This book “Evidence Of Intelligent Design In Human Physiology” was written and published in 2007 by Dr. Hunter in order to demonstrate to others the degree of complexity and purpose found in many physiological structures in the human body. And this he does quite well indeed.

Dr. Hunter provides clear and comprehensive descriptions of the human brain, the cardio-vascular system, the auto-immune system, the eye, the ear, and the sense of smell and taste… all without getting too technical or going ‘over the head’ of the average reader.

But what exactly is the significance of this purpose and complexity found in these physiological structures and systems? Well it argues quite strongly for the validity of intelligent design in the creation of life on this Earth, and the invalidity of the theory of evolution… all because of the concept of Irreducible Complexity.

For example the human eye would not be able to provide us with sight if any major component of this structure was missing, or not formed exactly the way it is. So it would be impossible for the eye to have evolved from a simpler structure, since that simpler structure would be non-functional and therefore provide no advantage to be preferentially promoted through natural selection.

This is indeed quite a strong argument for Intelligent Design as the mechanism of creation of life on the Earth rather than Evolution. However, my one criticism of Dr. Hunter’s work is that I thought he could have done a better job of explaining the concept of Irreducible Complexity to the lay person, as well as the great significance of this concept in disproving Darwin’s theory of evolution.

All in all, I found Dr. Cal Hunter’s “Evidence Of Intelligent Design In Human Physiology” to be a relatively easy read considering the subject matter being discussed, and a great resource for anyone who enjoys Christian apologetics.

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