Christian Book Distributors (CBD)

Christian Book Distributors – CBD – was started as a mail-order business in 1978 by a young man wanting to earn some extra money during his Bible College years. Together with his younger brother, and with the help of his parents, this young man soon grew the business beyond the initial academic offerings.

CBD, Christian Book Distributors faced many different challenges as it grew, but one crisis in particular almost put an end to the fledgling company. That fall, “Some ‘astonishingly large’ orders had been placed with the publishers. At this time, the catalog was printed by the local newspaper, but due to a sudden shortage of newsprint, the catalog could not be printed. If this catalog did not go out on schedule, how would they ever sell all those books? Fortunately, a friend who happened to be a commercial printer offered to print the catalogs on white paper. And with plenty of friends, ingenuity, and hard work, they made it happen, and a major crisis was averted.” And by 1984 Christian Book Distributors was poised to open its first company headquarters in Peabody, MA. The company did move across the street in 1996, but has remained at that location to this day.

Today Christian Book Distributors warehouses more than 100,000 different Christian books, music, movies, toys, games, and gifts. The company has also expanded its reach to the internet at, where you can browse CBD’s entire catalog of products, order online, contact customer service, etc.

CBD tries to provide a large variety of products to as many people as possible. This is what the president of Christian Book Distributors had to say about their choice of product offerings. “Our overall position…is to make available a wide assortment of products to a wide variety of customers—to let you choose what is important and useful to you, rather than to make that decision for you… [We] desire to serve our customers in the best way possible, by making available the resources and products that serve your needs.”

The CBD Christian Book Distributors website is easy to navigate, with quick and easy access to their featured sections: Bestsellers, Fiction, Bibles, Christian Living, Kids, Music, Homeschool, Gifts, Videos/DVDs, and Bargains. And boy do they have some real bargains! CBD also has some really neat areas like their Daily Devotions, Baby Store and Men’s Store.

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