Cedar Springs Christian Book Stores

Cedar Springs Christian Book Stores began in October 1976 as a single, small Christian Book Store in the Cedar Springs Shopping Center in Cedar Springs, Tennessee. The 1600 square foot facility was staffed by it’s owners, Curtis and Lois McGinnis, together with the store’s first employees – Evelyn Sutherland (Curtis’ sister) and Diane Parker (former music director at Grace Baptist Church).

Today, Cedar Springs Christian Book Stores has 3 locations in West Knoxville (it’s 16,000 square foot main store), North Knoxville and Oak Ridge. Curtis McGinnis continues to run the business, together with his daughter, Vicki and son, Link; as well as around 100 employees. Lois McGinnis is now retired and serves the National Kidney Foundation of East Tennessee.

Cedar Springs Christian Book Stores has maintained an online presence since 1996 and now has four websites, each with a different customer focus:

  • csChristian.com
    The primary online bookstore.
  • csChristianSupply.com
    Their complete church supply catalog.
  • CedarSpringsFurniture.com
    The furniture store.
  • CedarSpringsSkinny.com
    Covers new Christian releases.

Cedar Springs Christian Book Stores hours of business are listed on their site as:

Store Hours:
10- 9 (Mon.-Thur.)
10-10 (Fri.-Sat.)
Closed Sunday

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