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Paula FugaroWhy Christian Books at

For as long as I can remember, particularly throughout my childhood growing up in Trinidad, I have been an avid reader.

First it was the children's books, like those by Enid Blyton (the UK readers will remember these). Then it was onto kid's mystery and adventure books, like the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys series. And of course, as a young teenager I did have my romantic girlish spell, when I couldn't get enough of those cheesy romance novels. At the same time though, I did develop a real taste for spy stories, and I was especially enthralled by the Modesty Blaise books, as well as anything written by Robert Ludlum. Then as I grew into my teen years, I found my true love - Science Fiction and Fantasy books.

Today, after becoming a committed Christian several years ago, I still like to read. However, I now prefer to focus primarily on Christian Books - both fiction and non-fiction. So I decided to develop Christian Books at - a place where I can share my views on the Christian Books that I read, as well as where to find them. (I'll try to include a little info on the most popular Christian Book Stores.) I'll even include some of my favorite Bible Study resources as I go along. Even so, I do occasionally read some works that cannot really be classified as Christian Books, and I'll be sure to include reviews of some of those here as well.

I'd also like to get your feedback on this site, so if you have a comment or opinion to share, or if you have a question or request, please feel free to contact me and let me know what you think.

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